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HABITAT TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the largest NGO working in the shelter sector promoting appropriate technologies and Green Architecture in India today.

With more than 400 engineers and architects on its rolls, Habitat is professionally managed, providing indirect employment to over six thousand workers. Habitat Technology Group is confined not only to Kerala but also to several states in India with responding centers functioning in nine states. The group has taken up the work of thousands of residences all over India during the past thirty plus years. In addition to this it has also built about thousands of buildings all over the country including commercial complexes, tourist resorts, public offices, schools hospitals etc. Habitat has also been involved in designing and undertaking several development projects and has played a key role in the decentralization process in the state.

One of the most noteworthy achievements of Habitat is an on-going project at Kollam called the "Janakeeya Parpida Padhathi" (Total housing scheme) under the Kollam district Panchayath. As part of the project the group has undertaken to provide the total technical support for the building of fifty five thousand houses.

Habitat was instrumental in rehabilitating hundreds of families in Bhopal when the gas tragedy struck by offering alternate shelter solutions. Another noteworthy achievement of Habitat is the work done in the cyclone-hit areas of Orissa in October 1999. A team from habitat had been working at the relief site co-ordinating with the state government and other agencies for building homes for the millions who were rendered homeless. Years before the cyclone Habitat had made a remarkable impression in the state of Orissa by way of building several hundreds of buildings including institutional complexes, educational buildings and residences- all using cost effective techniques. It must be noted that these buildings stood the test of time by withstanding the cyclone in 99. In addition to extensive relief related buildings in coastal Orissa. Habitat technology group is also engaged in the building of the ' Manaveeyam village' for Government of Kerala in Orissa.

Habitat has also been appointed as consultants to the second phase of World Bank aided District Primary Education Program in Thiruvananthapuram and Idukki districts. The work includes new schools blocks , resource centers, additional class rooms etc. This will be in addition to the first phase of work nearing completion in Malappuram, Kasargode and Thiruvananthapuram districts.

The State Government recently recognized Habitat Group as a nodal agency to carry out developmental works under the decentralization process.