Activities : Publication

Propagation of ideas that will bring about quality change in Habitat sector is as important as evolving them.

Identifying best practices and path breaking ideas, to popularize them has been a mission of habitat. That has helped to optimize the economic impact of cost effective construction in society.

We welcome books, periodicals, research papers, and any other publication regarding any aspect of Habitat technology.

We will review these publications, for the benefit of the visitors of this site, and also include the publications for people in our network. This will ensure that your ideas will go a long way and in particular to the right people.

Authors, publishers, and institutions are requested to send two copies of books regarding any aspect of socio-economic development of human beings for review.

However, priority would be given to publications regarding Habitat, technology, architecture, and construction.

Be assured that all your books will be reviewed at least briefly. Your books will be added to Habitat technology group's library, taking shape in our new abode, which will be used by researchers, and professionals.

We also propose to exhibit these books in seminars and workshop organized by us.