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The Habitat Technology Group envisions the right to have a house of ones own as the fundamental right of every human being. All its activities are directed to achieve this noble goal.

Twentyfour year old "cost effective housing" movement though late has caught up with the common man. Instances of this can be seen in the brick colored houses that dot the landscape of Kerala from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargode. The group of youngsters who popularized this movement has been able to prove that building a house is not merely a civil engineering work but much more beyond that. It is an activity in which environmentalism, appropriate technology, conservation, aesthetics, native idiom, social commitment, all have a bearing.

The Socio-economic out look of the architect has an important role to play as his social commitment. A group of professionals sharing the ideals can make a qualitative change in the housing scenario. By networking this idea could travel far and wide and become a movement.

Habitat was first among Indian NGOs to envision such a change and take up advocacy earnestly. The Habitat Technology Group with Shankar at its helm created tremendous energy which spread throughout Kerala and then to parts of India.

Having carved a niche for it in the shelter sector Habitat has moved on to more serious socially relevant issues in the Habitat sector. It acts as an advocacy group on social issues like eviction of slum dwellers during slum clearance. It is also involved in environment-habitat related issues. Awareness creation on issues related to Habitat and stimulating appropriate action are important areas of its activity.

Advocacy in pro-poor policies is the main focal area of the Habitat group. It has plans to form a peoples group to mobilize public opinion in support of pro-poor policies. It would make earnest efforts to make building of house a fundamental right.

Join Us Mankind has to go a long way to fulfill the dream "a shelter for each human being". Each and every one of us has to play a vital role to fulfill this quest of humankind. Whatever may be your profession, wherever you are, you can contribute to the cause in your own way. We request you to join us in this noble endeavor. For details contact us.