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Construction of Shelters

Habitat Technology Group enables people to build their own houses. It is a facilitator not a contractor.

Design and construction of public as well as private buildings is the major area of activity of Habitat technology group.


The buildings constructed by Habitat technology group stand out for various reasons. Considerably reduced construction cost, aesthetically pleasing designs and elegance are the hallmark of those buildings.

Both the affluent as well as economically weaker sections find Habitat's constructions comfortable and appealing.

Habitat has made its mark within a short span of time, and won many accolades. The innovative and aesthetically pleasing design, eco-friendly approach, and cost effective methods of construction made Habitat’s approach popular.

In Kerala, Habitat technology group has exerted a strong presence in every district through its creative intervention.

The organization now has responding centers in many parts of India. For a list of major constructions click here

Habitat has built :

  • Houses for individuals, which take care of specific demands and needs.
  • Settlements, townships and mass housing.
  • Innovative structures for various educational institutions.
  • Healing centers, Ayurvedic resorts etc.
  • Places of worship for religious groups.
  • Constructions that reflect native style of architecture.
  • Government buildings for various purposes