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Habitat is totally committed to the concept of green and humane architecture.

Established in 1987 in Kerala, Habitat is registered as a charitable society. It is totally committed to the concept of green and humane architecture. It is the largest non-governmental organization in the shelter sector in India committed to sustainable building solutions.  It has been recognized as a nodal agency to carry out developmental works under the decentralization process in Kerala It has a core group of 200 architects, Engineers and social workers with a support base of 6000 trained workers and and 26 regional offices. It has built thousands of buildings all over the country including commercial complexes, tourist resorts, public offices, schools, hospitals and so on -all using appropriate technology. National operations-active in 8 states.

The Habitat Technology Group envisions the right to have a house of ones own as the fundamental right of every human being. All its activities are directed to achieve this noble goal. Twentyfour year old "cost effective housing" movement though late has caught up with the common man. Instances of this can be seen in the brick colored houses that dot the landscape of Kerala from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargode. The group of youngsters who popularized this movement has been able to prove that building a house is not merely a civil engineering work but much more beyond that. It is an activity in which environmentalism, appropriate technology, conservation, aesthetics, native idiom, social commitment, all have a bearing.