Habitat is the largest non-governmental organization in the shelter sector in India committed to sustainable building solutions.

Established in 1987 in Kerala, Habitat is registered as a charitable society. It is totally committed to the concept of green and humane architecture. It has been recognized as a nodal agency to carry out developmental works under the decentralization process in Kerala It has a core group of 200 architects, Engineers and social workers with a support base of 6000 trained workers and and 26 regional offices. It has built thousands of buildings all over the country including commercial complexes, tourist resorts, public offices, schools, hospitals and so on -all using appropriate technology. National operations-active in 8 states.

Social Activities
Conservation of heritage buildings : Habitat is also involved in the conservation of the innumerable heritage buildings in Kerala
Empowerment of women in the shelter sector : Habitat is making efforts to educate and train women in the field of building construction
Networking among partners in struggle
Information dissemination on cost effective shelter solutions
Capacity building for workers and professionals in the shelter sector using extensive training programs
Research and development in appropriate technologies and materials

Dreams for Future
Informal School of Housing to impart training in the shelter sector A Habitat commune where everyone can dream together, live together, think together and work together
Begin a network of Habitat shops where building materials would be available at affordable rates. This is directed at breaking the nexus between the construction sector and middlemen
Production of alternate building materials
Environmental concerns related to habitat development