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The world of architecture and design is never static. New ideas evolve; homes and workplaces are built, renovated, creativity finds myriad ways of expression. However, sometimes our attention is caught by something simply beyond the ordinary, away from the realm of commonplace. Few are the occasions when we come face to face with someone exceptional ,making a real difference G. Shankar is one such person. Commitment, enthusiasm, passion, and an eye for beauty - these are the elements that add a special touch to Shankar's architecture. The structures thus designed are the result of a complete understanding and trust between Shankar and his client.

Started as a lone crusade, architect Shankar's concept of green architecture has brought about a much-required qualitative change to the shelter sector in Kerala, India. A socially concerned architect, his initiative turned out to be the most effective effort in bringing about a momentous change in the habitat culture of Kerala, which thereafter spread, to other parts of India. The 1980's saw the Gulf money boom in Kerala. The middle class ignorant of what was to be done with the large amount of money that flowed in from the expatriates working in the Persian Gulf countries finally decided to revert it for building large mansions. The gulf boom brought forth an economic imbalance in Kerala. This was when Shankar came forward as the propagator of nature friendly and cost effective building technology.

Shankar's dedication and social commitment finally saw results as the balance tilted towards eco-friendly architecture. With the middle class realizing the fallacy of building unreasonably huge houses, Shankar's concept of Green Architecture gained statewide popularity and buildings, which epitomized this architect's creativity, began to dot Keral's landscape. Shankar, who draws inspiration from architect Laurie Baker, took up the mission to involve the people in every step of the building process. His sensitivity to the needs of the common man, the marginalized, the fisher folk, the slum dwellers and the tribal earned him the title of "People's Architect".

"My most satisfying work have been the homes I built for the fisher folk", says Shankar. The spirit of innovation and commitment to quality are the hallmarks of G.Shankar's style. Shankar finds contentment not in building opulent structures but in constructing cost effective homes for all strata of the society. Shankar has won many awards for his endeavors par excellence; he is also a member of a number of National level bodies, both official and non- governmental.

Biodata of G. Shankar, the founder and chief architect of Habitat Technology Group.
B.Arch from Kerala University (II Rank, I Class)
M.S. from Birmingham School of Architecture, UK(I Rank and Distinction)
Positions holding
Member, Board of Studies, University of Kerala
Member, Executive Committee, Thiruvananthapuram Development Authority
Member,Task Force on Housing, Government of Kerala
Member,High level Guidance Council on Decentralized Planning, Government of Kerala
National Consultant to DPEP, Government of India
Consultant to the Governments of Orissa and Uttar Pradesh for School Buildings
Consultant to various National NGO's in the shelter sector
Key Group Member, National Caucus on NGO's, Government of India
Member, Executive Committee, Indian Habitat Forum
Padmashree awarded by Government of India
Outstanding young person award-Indian Jaycees
Best Cost-Effective Design-Indian Institute of Architects, Kerala Chapter
Akshaya Award for the best Architect in Kerala
Has attended many National and International conferences including Habitat II at Istanbul as an official member of Indian delegation and Third World Conference of CIVICUS at Manila, Philippines
Has written extensively on contemporary issues of architecture in periodicals and magazines
Has appeared in several programs on DD-1, DD-4, Soorya TV, Asianet.