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construction and habitat sector can play a tremendous role to create opportunities for rural and urban poor

Creating opportunities in the Habitat sector

Creating opportunities leads to development. By creating opportunities, we address the problems of the disadvantaged sections of society.

In the habitat sector creating opportunities, is rarely a conscious goal. But when you look at it, construction and habitat sector can play a tremendous role to create opportunities for rural and urban poor, if only there is an awareness in this regard.

Habitat has been in the forefront of creating this awareness through multifarious activities. Activism to ensure social justice has always been our concern.

  1. Conceptualizing and introducing innovative programs to create opportunities for disadvantaged sections such as rural, and urban poor, and women.
  2. Evolving model programs that could be replicated.
  3. Organizing training programs to propagate best practices.
  4. Organizing academic as well as field level operations.
  5. Networking lobally to exchange ideas .

Creating opportunity in habitat sector involves co-ordination of various activities and sustained effort.

  • It means protecting and conserving the environment, so that the long established patterns of life is not disturbed.
  • Conservation of resources by identifying, upgrading and popularizing alternate and cost effective construction materials.
  • Introducing cost effective construction practices.
  • Creating job opportunities for marginalized sections of people.
  • Upgrading the skills of artisans, craftsmen and workers.
  • Education on health and hygiene
  • Poverty alleviation program
  • Program to promote thrift and saving.
  • Innovative program to improve the quality of life
  • Integrating workers having traditional skills with the construction sector.
  • Making available support in terms of training, government funds etc, for the welfare of the workers.
  • Networking with local governments to better their lot and increase the opportunities for construction workers.
  • Organize construction workers, so that they will be empowered to look after themselves.

Creating opportunities in habitat sector also involves awareness creation in the society. This requires constant public education through media and field level program.

Habitat technology group has been advocating appropriate building technology, which follows the green philosophy, that drastically cuts costs and promotes higher quality of life.

Agencies and individuals who would like to join hands with us in this mission are welcome