Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu is practically the science of building or science of structures. Though not fully backed by scientific principles it can be accepted as a science that is backed by results and observations only .The present day vaastu absorbs the theories of the past and super imposes it on the environs of today. Vaastu is an applied science, which is enabling man to live in harmony with nature. The characters that qualify Vaastu as a science are rationality, back up of a theory, permanency, universality, replicability, and utility. Vaastu is based on gravity and weights, which is a universal law, and hence it can be adapted to the changing scenario of the society.

Manifestation of the effects of Vaastu
The vaastu effects are highly specific to sex, age, group and other classifications of the residents. Balancing of the weights of the components of a plot is primary in studying the vaastu of a plot. The heavier things in a plot are the building, water storage structures above the ground, trees and even rubbish dumped indifferent areas. The four types of vaastu occurrences including both good and bad are the cause, the trigger, the contributor, and the moderator. There are four cardinal directions and four corners where they meet. Corners are more important than the main sides. The effects of vaastu are highly specific to the zones.

Vayu controls northwest, Kuber controls mid north, Eshwar controls northeast.
Vayu - public relations, economic conditions, and improvement of business.
Kuberan - wealth
Eshwar - the life of the daughter and lineage.

Eshwar northeast, Indra-mid east, Agni-south east

Agni-south east, Yama-mid south, Nairu-south west. South controls the bad aspects of life.

Nairu -southwest, Varuna mid west, Vayu northwest
The corners where two sides meet are named exclusively after the gods who govern them.
Easanya corner is the northeast corner, Agni the southeast, Nairudhi, the southwest, and Vayu, the northwest corner.

The three major sectors in environmental features are: physical features, neighborhood and road features