Vaastu Shastra : Building

Excavation for the compound wall must commence from the northeast; the construction must start from southwest to southeast and then from southwest to northwest.

The height of the compound wall should be at least two thirds of the height of the main door .The northern wall should be built only after the house is completed. Walls should be built just prior to the building of the house. The gates should not be in the extreme corner of the facade. Movement of the doors or gates should be clockwise. Both the main gate and the house door should face the same direction. Northeast is the best place to have a well, water sumps and septic tanks. Placing Tulasi on the east and low-lying north yield good results. Outhouse is disallowed in the northeast area

Car parks can be built in the northwest, southeast or the south west of the plot.

Water tanks on the plot surface are not allowed in most of the areas. It is better to have it as an underground structure in the mid south.

It is preferable to keep the door in the middle of the facade .If there is a west entrance there has to be an east entrance too. If there is only one entrance it should be placed in east or north .If the house has two doors then east in combination with north or west is allowed. If the doors are three, doors excluding east or west is auspicious .The number of doors within the house should be even in number. Main entrance may consist of single or double doors.

If the main door is in the north east and facing north or east, in the east and facing north east, in the south east and facing south, in the south and facing south east, in the west and facing north west - auspicious.

There should be more windows in the north and east than the south and west. The number of windows should be even in number.

The internal walls should run linearly and should not have bends, cuts, or curves.

The ideal proportions for size of the building are 1.5:1, 2:1 for length to breadth. A square building is not good.

The steps are best at the southwest zone. The south and west are second choices. The climbing should be done from east to west or from north to south. The internal stairs should not touch the north or east walls of the building. The spiral staircase should not be placed on the northeast corner.

Slopes are preferred in the east and the north directions only. The slope or slant should be for the entire facade of the direction of the building. The slopes should not affect the height of the walls of the house.

Verandahs and balconies are not allowed in south or west.

It is better to build porticoes as cantilever structures. It is advisable to build porticoes without pillars.

The highest point in the house should be in the southwest and the lowest point in the northeast. To place water tank in the southwest corner of the house is the best possible feature. The tank should not rest on the floor of the terrace. It should be resting on four pillars .The tank should always be closed.


-Should not overlook water bodies, should not be placed above porticoes, car parks or kitchen, should not be placed on four pillars with no construction beneath, should not be in the central area of the building or in the basement. Bedrooms can safely be placed in south west, west, south and north west of the building .The south east and the north east give the most disastrous results amongst all the bedroom positions. Master bedroom is best in the southwest. The south bedroom should have its door in the north facing northeast and the west bedroom in the east facing northeast. The northeast bedrooms can have doors in the east facing northeast or south facing southeast .The wardrobe can be fixed in the southwest and dressing table in south or west. It should be never placed opposite the bed. The bed should be placed in the south west of the room so that there is more space in the north and east. The bed however should not be placed in the extreme corner of the room. No mirror should be placed opposite to the bed.

Southeast is the best place for the kitchen and northwest is the second best option. The cook should face the east.

The stove should not be in line with the door of the kitchen .The racks should be placed in the south and west wall. The vessels are to be placed in the west and south walls. There should not be a toilet or bathing room especially in north or east directions next to a kitchen.

Room in the northeast is the most preferred for Prayer room.

Praying towards south and west is good.

The western room between the southwestern room and the northwestern room is to be the study room

An exclusive bathroom is permissible in northeast of the building as flow of water in northeast is good.
Water should exit in the northeast preferably in underground channels not visible to the eye.
Toilets are preferred in the north west of the house, only if there is drainage facility. It should never be in the northeast corner.

Lofts should be more in the south and west walls of the building. Never keep the loft at the northeast corner dusty or with cobwebs. Sleeping, eating or studying as well as decision-making should not be done below a loft.

Cellars can be established only in the north side, east side, and north east of a building.

It is better to have the Store Room in the south west corner, south side or west side.

Dining Hall
Dining hall can be placed in the mid east or mid west. The dining table in the kitchen itself can be placed in the northwest without touching the north wall.

Doors and windows in the first floor should not be same as in number as the ground floor.