Vaastu Shastra : For other buildings

Flats or apartments are technically many houses built one over the other. Hence the basic concept of Vaastu is applicable to flats also. The southwest should be the highest point and northeast the lowest.

The well and sump should be only in the northeast or east sectors .It is recommended to place the blocks more towards the south or west .The overhead tank and the dish antenna should be in the south west .The lift should be in the south or west zone.The stairs may be in the southwest zone as also the head room on the terrace.

Do not place the kitchen of one house adjacent to the bedroom of another. Bedrooms can be present only in southwest, northwest, west and south.

The room for the senior most in the hierarchy should be placed in the south west of the office. He should face the north or east. The entrance to this room should be preferably in the northeast. The cupboard should be in the southwest corner of this room. The other directors should be placed in south and west rooms adjoining the southwest. The computers should be placed in the south east, east or north zones. The conference room should be placed in the northeast, as it is not frequently used. Never have anything heavy in this room. Puja room should be attached to the northeast room and toilets may be placed in southeast, west and northwest of the office.