Vaastu Shastra : Interior Decoration

The shoes and footwear should be placed in the southwest portion of the verandah or hall only.

Almirahs should be placed in the southwest corner of the room only.

Cots should be placed more towards the south west of the room, but never in the southwest corner.

Sofa should be placed more toward the south and west of the living room. Place the study table in the south or west of the room.

Mirrors should be fixed only on the north and east walls. No mirrors to be placed in the study rooms or opposite beds.

Heating appliances must be placed in the south east of the room. Fridges should be placed in the northwest.

Televisions should not be placed in exact south east of the rooms.

Vaastu recognizes 6 major colors and attributes a mood to each of them- White-laughter, Red -fury, Blue-repulsion, Yellow-supernatural, Deep Red -heroism, and Grey- pathetic.

Never use the northeast corner of the room for hanging any thing. Nude paintings, sculptures, scenes from Mahabharatha and Ramayana are to be avoided. Never exhibit stuffed animals or weapons inside the house.

Avoid cactus, plants with red flowers and bonsai of trees inside the house .Do not place plants in the north east corner. Avoid pots along the north and east walls.