Vaastu Shastra : Physical Features

Physical features (mountains, rivers, streams, ditches.) very powerful than man made changes. Hills in the south, southwestern and western sides of the plot are ideal. The raised space in the east, northeast, north of the plot is bad and those in south, southwest and west are good. Trees directly opposite to the main door are bad, but are beneficial in the west, south -west, and south. Avenue trees will pose problems for north and east facing plots.

The basics of vaastu shastra insist on the need for leaving the east open so that light falls freely from the rising sun. The house that remains in constant shade invites diseases for the inhabitants .It is not recommended to have a permanent residence with a view to a large water body. Water bodies are beneficial in the north, northeast and the east of the plot. The rivers flowing in the northern side of the plot is inauspicious and if it is from west to east, or from south to east it brings abundant wealth to the residents.

The vaastu components bestowed by nature are more powerful than man made changes. Large open spaces in the northern and eastern sides of the plot are beneficial.

The effluents of the neighbors should not flow into the plot. If the wall built by the neighbor in the east or north is very high then the opposite walls should be higher. The north east of the building should be extended beyond the neighbor's buildings in north and east.

North and east facing plots-auspicious and causes health and wealth

South and west facing plots-ordinary

If there are two roads for the plot it is preferable to have two adjacent roads than to have two opposite roads. Plot at the end of the road is said to mar all the progress.