Vaastu Shastra : Protocols

The land should not be bought from several forbidden categories of people and from elders or temples .The acquisition of land in the northeast is recommended. Sale of land in the north or east is bad.

The new house after construction should be occupied within a time gap of three months. If it is required to build two houses in the same plot without a compound wall or legal partition before, the house in the south or west should be built first. If a single plot is to be partitioned between two brothers, the elder should take the west or south portion and the younger brother should take the north or east portion. The houses of two brothers should not be exactly opposite each other. Expansion of the existing house should be in all four directions. While cleaning never sweep the house from the door towards the interior. The sweeping motion should be towards the exit. The cleaning motion should not be towards the northeast. There should be no tying of cloth drying lines between the main house and any compound wall on permanent basis.

Vaastu purusha should be prayed to on three occasions namely at the starting of the construction, at the fixing of the door, and at the end of construction. Monday- shukla paksha, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are considered auspicious for commencement of work.